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Greek Bio- Spirulina 400mg 120 tablets

Biochemical composition of the Greek bio-spirulina:
The Spirulinaperiechei around 100 substances and simple elements .
¬ Protein : 60-70 % of dry weight. It contains all the essential amino acids and ten of the non-essential , that is a "complete" protein is superior to milk protein , meat and eggs , with a solubility of 95 %.
¬ Vitamins : Contains vitamins : B-1 (thiamine), B-2 (riboflavin), B-3 ( nicotinamide ), B -6 ( pyrodoxini ), B -9 (folic acid), B-12 (cyanocobalamin), vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E , biotin ( H), folic acid , inositol and provitamin A.
¬ Essential fatty acids: It has a high content ( 30-60 %), polyunsaturated (PUFA), particularly fatty acids in the series Oh, like c -linolenic (ALA, linoleic (LA), stearidonic (SDA), eicosapentaenoic (EPA), docosahexaenoic (DHA) and arachidonic acid (AA), Palmitic acid, Oleic acid
¬ Minerals : Contains Calcium , Potassium , Magnesium , Sodium , Manganese , Phosphorus , Copper, selenium , iron, zinc . It does not contain iodine.
¬ photosynthetic pigments : chlorophyll, phycocyanin , carotenes , xanthophylls , Canthaxanthin , beta- cryptoxanthin , Fykompiliproteines .
¬ nucleic acids: Contains Ribonucleic acid (RNA) kaiDeoxyribonucleic acid DNA.
Beneficial effects ?
The spirulina purchased is a tiny plant that has grown from " seed ", which comes from one of the largest universities in Germany which has the largest bank algal worldwide. As a plant , it is an amazing organization that exists and plays for 3.5 billion years , to whom we owe our existence (first generation O2). It is the only plant that is grown in tanks - runs circular motion seeking his food and solar energy in the form of photons of certain wavelengths of the light spectrum . Before reaching your hands have " run " about 40 kilometers, but a marathon .
The different correlation provides us spirulina is completely water soluble and completely digestible , providing extra energy, complementing shortcomings of the daily diet , restoring the right metabolic balance . Increases performance in mental and physical work , sports and the desire for competitive distinction in the spaces moves every modern man .
According to an official publication of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the United Nations (Circular 1034 FIMA/C1034 (En), 155N 2070-6065 , 2008) , the spirulina recognized the possibility of using collateral for healing (supplementary cure) in many diseases or problematic health conditions. The most important is to strengthen the immune system from Phycocyanin, which reduces blood lipids , fights the feeling of " fatigue " with increasing levels tonimmunoglobulin A (IgA) and M ( IgM ) . ( 1 )
¬ The proteins , vitamins, minerals and polysaccharides improve all physical performance , especially in athletes. In weightlifters increases lung capacity without affecting blood pressure .
¬ The dry biomass of spirulina contains up to 2% c -linoleic acid (GIA), a rate equal to that of breast milk . This high rate helps arthritis , obesity, and cardiovascular syndrome aid zinc .
¬ The spirulina in experiments conducted in Germany and Japan revealed that reduces cholesterol , triglycerides and low density lipoproteins in the blood, acting beneficial in combating atherosclerosis . ( 2 )
¬ Because of the very high organic content , directly assimilable iron , the spirulina directly helps in correcting anemia, low hematocrit and menstrual syndrome. ( Three )
¬ Current studies are investigating the positive effects of spirulina in prevention of cancer ( leukemia) , protection of patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments and because antiviral activity in assisting people affected AP'TO virus of AIDS.

Because of its amazing properties both in the diet and in aiding prevention of serious diseases , the UN funded extensive programs production and distribution spirulina mainly children in Africa , Asia and South America.
How to eat :
- Two pills in the morning with a glass of water or juice and two o'clock half an hour before meals for better absorption of iron.

Brand: Greek Bio- Spirulina

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